17 April 2013

Rickshaw goodness

I joined the first Ageless Cycling event “Cykling uden alder”, the great initiative offering elderly rides in rickshaws. (Remember when we went to pick them up?)

Cykling uden alder

Check out these rockstars!



The five in front, on a quiet Sunday. For any other day of the week, I would suggest some form of sign, urging people to be patient and not stress out the driver or the fragile passengers. People can get really irritable on the bikelanes, if they are slowed down.


The following. 

Ole's mor

Proud mom of Ole, the man behind the initiative. Utter coolness.

Ah, just looking at these pictures makes me smile, it was such a good day. 

A.K. cycle chic

I was reminded that hanging out with good people, puts you in a good mood. It is so simple, really.


  1. I love this initiative. SO cool!

  2. <3<3<3
    kh muttilove

  3. Mikkel HassApril 18, 2013

    Wonderfull sunday, indeed! Hope to see you all again on May 25 when the group will hit the road again.

    1. It is a pity that the information and updates are only visible to facebook users. A lot of people are not on facebook. If it were not for the trees and the test tubes, I wouldn't be either. Oh, the sacrifices we make.


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