06 April 2013

The pedestrian pace

On the rare occasions where I leave my bike chained and encounter my neighborhood by foot, I always spot different things. Like this old painting left for sale in the street, showing a vintage street scene from Copenhagen, possibly Town Hall Square.

Vintage Copenhagen street scene

I watched an old man with a cane linger in front of this, for a while. At first I waited impatiently for him to move on, so I could get my shot, but then I realised it probably brought back good memories. What is a five minutes wait, anyway? Must learn patience, ugh.


Curly words in the tunnel by the lakes.

Curly words

No matter how slow you go by bike, there are things you are bound to miss. Smells too. Just remember to breathe through your mouth.


This is quite possibly the coolest rear view mirror I have ever seen. Classic Copenhagen Award good. In a category to be announced at a later point.

Copenhagen cup litter

And spring also means we are entering the cup litter season. As a rule people will go to great lengths to avoid dumping cups. They don't just discard of them, like they do cigarette butts, but rather they place them at elevated points. I cannot unsee this crap now, how about that?


Oh, I am in a good mood today, this spring thing is tricking my brain into thinking I am in love. It is the weirdest feeling.

I hope you have a really nice weekend too!


  1. Erik GriswoldApril 07, 2013

    It is Vesterbrogade, looking at Rådhusplads from about where the Burger King is today.

    1. Ha! I think we have the exact same spot in mind. Is there a Burger King on that location? That would make two on Rådhuspladsen, then. And the old Scala (now demolished) is behind the painter?

      I love these views of the old Copenhagen.

  2. Hej!
    i just discovered this blog, how nice!
    I lived 2 years in Cph before moving to Stockholm, and I miss it everyday, so this blog will be my "fix" for whenever I miss it too much :)

    1. Ah, I am glad you found it! I know there are at least a few others that use it that way, just to keep up on things. It is good to know, actually. :-)

  3. Nice! spring is not here yet, but maybe it's coming from the north? Big hugs!

    1. Trees are not blooming here either, but we have the early flowers snowdrops and eranthis so far... mostly we have lots of sun and the ice is gone on the lakes. Sometimes a little goes a long way. :-) Big hugs back!


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