06 May 2013

Four days in Paris

It’s funny how two hours on a plane that is smelling like someones armpit, can seem like days, and then four days in your other favorite city will fly by so incredibly fast. I just got back from Paris, and I am so inspired. It is still cleaner than Copenhagen, and way greener too. In a strange development, they seem to be picking up the pace in advertising, and buffing/painting over street art like crazy. I’m slightly concerned, but worrying about one city is tough enough as it is. And, fortunately there is still an obvious love and respect for the beauty of the city. Something the city planners of Copenhagen could stand to learn from: preserve and respect history, let things grow, work with existing structures and nurse the open spaces. And: get with the 21st century and plan for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists, not cars. Voilà.


Remember this vertical garden from last year? See how far it has come:

BHV vertical garden Paris

This is the best form of advertising I have seen to date. I want to shop with someone who gives this to the city, instead of obnoxious banners that become outdated within weeks. The city should invest in vertical gardens too, as they help clean the air. Some say we have a few in Copenhagen, but other than the one from the European Environmental Agency back in 2010 that is long gone (but why?), I have not seen any. And you know I have hungry eyes...

Vertical garden detail

It's not that I want this for Copenhagen, I demand it. Ha.


(Oh, I’m gonna spam you so hard)

Helmut Lang with a twist

Helmut Lang with a twist. The repetition, and the contribution from the street.

I'm the only one here

I'm the only one here! I wonder if I will ever stop feeling that way.

Beautiful store signs, such diversity and originality.


Something old.

Robert & Rene

Something truly original.

Bring it on

Something... something.. hahaha.

Did I mention the cyclists? The numbers are nowhere near Copenhagen's, but they are obviously serious about it, and you can pick up a street bike on nearly every corner. Our old street bikes were more of a cosy joke, and they have now been permanently retired. A new bike-share-system is in the works, paid for not by the city (so odd), but the train company. The priorities in my city, I don't always get them...

Paris cycle chic

Moving on to yummi doors.

Green door

Door detail, woman

Door detail. Everywhere you look, there are door details.

Wear and tear

Beautiful decay. I don't know the man, but his picture ages really well.

These fences are lining all the garbage containers at construction sites. People use them to attach flyers, and once removed, little pieces of tape and paper are left behind like confetti stuck in the moment. A celebration of whatever you want it to be.



Sometimes, simply everything is beatiful.

(intermission, brace yourself for part two) 


  1. Good one Sandra! I'm glad you had a great time. It's always interesting to see Paris through your eyes, and one day maybe we will manage to wander its streets together. Xxx

    1. Oh, I had the best time. I really would love to walk the streets of Paris with you, each our camera in hand. You could probably show me some real gems. :-)

  2. Ooo-la-la! That is awesome, Sandra. Glad you feel inspired! I am coming back to KBH in a few weeks to get mine ;) Let's see if we can get together for coffee again! It would be lovely to see you...

    1. It is so funny that your Copenhagen is my Paris, in a way. Haha. I would love to have coffee with you again, just let me know when you are here. Hugs! :-)


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