16 May 2013


Days are made from series of moments. Moments are made of a tricky stuff. They can be hard to come by, are easily missed, and when you are blue, they can be impossible to see. And then in just two sunny days, Copenhagen will offer them up like pearls on a never ending string.


The Hitchkock blonde.


A hit of color.

Red socks

A hit of cycle chic. Men can play that game too, you know.

Ladybug pedi-cap

A ladybug pedicap driver taking a break under a rescued bunker tree, by the lakes.


A red wall reflected in a window, visible only from this particular angle, I tried to move closer, and it disappeared, kind of magical. Perfectly illustrating why the classic Copenhagen window frame is named after our flag, Dannebrog. And... I think it is summer. Dare I say?


We are back in sandals.


Picking up on the outdoor activities.

Swans in flight

I wish some moments could last.


  1. Beautiful! Your pictures are making me excited to visit! T-8 days until departure :)

  2. AnonymousMay 17, 2013

    a moment shared is a moment multiplied<3
    du gi'r så fine gaver, Sandra<3
    kh muttilove

    1. Det gør du selv Muttilove. Altid. :-)

  3. I love your blog for things like this.

  4. really??? should i migrate north? lucky you, in paris it's rain and cold. really weird. everybody is complaining. tourists of the world, go to copenhagen, not paris!
    but your photos warm my heart a bit (we might all die frozen)...

    1. Nono, you are definitely better off in Paris, weather wise. We have so much rain at the moment, the trees are happy and the birds are delirious, but the rest of us are longing for sunny days.

      The weather is always fickle here, it is part of the package, haha.


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