31 May 2013

Party: on

Copenhagen is blooming, and everything that I have been longing for is finally here at full steam. I am running around myself in circles, trying to take it all in while it lasts. My camera died, only two years and eight months in. For someone who carried that baby around every day, it is pretty damn unbearable. Maybe it is time to ask Canon if they will supply me with a new one, for credit? You know, the going currency these days.

Right now we are mid-Distortion, the monster street party moving from one part of the city to the other. Opening day was on Nørrebro this time, and it made all the difference. Instead of the bloated second day bender, we got people chilling in the sun and easing into the mood. You have to admire how so many people gathered in one spot, get along so well. There is no sign of pushing or violence, just happy people everywhere, by the hundreds of thousands. Pretty impressive.


Evening sun on the bridge and a giant disco ball got the party started.


It is pretty simple, really: if there is a giant disco ball, that is where you'll find me.



Alternatively look for me by the balloons.




People on roof tops, and hanging out of the windows.

Bridge debris

And lots of alcohol. Followed by lots of deposit collectors.

Deposit collector

For the first time in the Distortion days, since I can remember, it didn’t look like a toilet exploded. Which makes little sense, because there were so few toilets made available. Maybe it was because the men got creative...

The bathroom

Kind of gross, but at least you don't have to deal with the smell afterwards. I was debating with myself how to mask his private parts (not that any of them made the effort themselves), this was the best I could come up with. Evil little dot, sorry dude, but that is the risk you take when you whip it out in public.

Trygheds Korps

Tryghedskorps, the safety squad, I spotted two helping a crazy drunk man. Safety is a big priority, and the Copenhagen Police are live tweeting the whole thing. They have even borrowed a noisy chopper from the army, to make sure everything runs smoothly. I still miss the equestrian police, good for much the same thing, but sadly that department was shut down last year. If you want horses, go dance under one.

Pony disco ball

In one of the pop-up parties in the side streets, random bursts of smoke would appear, and engulf everyone for a brief moment. I walked right into it as he kissed her.


Favorite moment.


Distortion is up and running until Sunday, but someone else will have to take it from here.

I have flea markets to attend/lilacs to sniff/trees to save/so much to do.

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