30 June 2013

The good ad

Not all advertising sucks, you just have to look long and hard to find the good stuff. The other day I took a closer look at an advertising bike outside the laundromat. I’ve seen them around, but that day I stopped to read the information on the back.

Free Bikes

(reads) My bike is shipped to Africa after one year of service as an advertising bike in Denmark. FreeBikes.

Free advertising bike

The bike is given to a Danish student to use for a year. After this the bike is shipped to Africa, where some students have an exhausting commute to their local school. Instead of using all the energy getting there by foot, they are able to concentrate on learning something. I am a little bit in love with this idea, and it reflects well on the business choosing this way of advertising, too.

Here's another cool ad, for a book. The display invites you to put yourself in the authors place (the cover is a twist on the old children's book illustration "Lille Sorte Sambo"). Extra points for the fact that it is placed out of bookstore context, at a local hairdressers salon.

Brun mands byrde

Book entitled "Brun Mands Byrde" (Brown Man's Burden) by Danish-Pakistani author Hassan Preisler.

I hope this means the advertisers and advertising agencies are finally smartening up. When I get around to tell you more about the Metro fence Byens Hegn, I'll tell you more about an idea I have for them. Oooh, it could be so good...


Oh, and tomorrow Google's reader goes into retirement. I hope I will see you on the other side.

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27 June 2013

Donkey love

What kind of wedding photographer takes pictures like these? Me, that’s who. If you look closely you can spot the happy couple in the champagne.

Maybe it helps if you turn it upside down.

Champagne upside down
  Champagne corks

Champagne just makes everything better. Especially on grey and otherwise insignificant days. This is a bottle of memories, a collection of corks with inscriptions, reminders of good times with good people.


Wedding prep

The wedding took place at a castle in France, where I oddly immediately felt right at home. One adapts.

Boule reflection

Boules my way.

Boule ball

The hardest thing to leave behind were these guys though.

Donkey love

Nothing beats donkey love.

Donkey friend

Yeah, if you want a wedding photographer, you are better off asking someone else...

18 June 2013


I was hoping my scatter-brain-syndrome would pass, but it looks like I am stuck in this mode for at least a little while longer. It doesn’t make for coherent blog-posts, but I’m thinking a little noise is better than none at all? On the subject of which I just experienced my first Copenhell, legendary Copenhagen metal festival. A few highlights of the line up: Alice In Chains, Amon Amarth, Cancer Bats, In Flames and what has to be the most intense concert experience of my life, by Down. ARRRRHHHHH, I still get goosebumps thinking about that performance. No cameras were allowed, except camera phones, so this was the best I could do:

Smoke ring

By every new band entering the stage, a ball of fire was shot off, turning into a ring of smoke, before evaporating to the sound of pure energy.

Copenhell 2013

I was really surprised how gentle and considerate the crowd were. There were none of that pushy cattle behavior you find at the mainstream festivals. Crowd surfing goes in the front:

Copenhell by vintage Nokia

The devil likes hard, energetic music, and he is as always in the details. 

Skull hut

A bite

(No doubt this will earn me another pissy mail from the crazy German woman hahaha)


The rookie (yours truly) vs. the pro:

Horn cup

Everywhere I go...


... I always take the weather with me.

Damage control

I may have overheard someone name this the best blowjob of the festival.

Eventually this scatter-brain thing will pass. Right?


09 June 2013

How it works

This is apparently how it works: if I don’t have the camera, I don’t take the pictures. And, if I don’t have the pictures, I can’t find the words. Since my camera died, and left me with the replacement, I have gone from taking a 100+ pictures a day, to less than ten. It is not so much a writer's block, as a photographer’s one. No one is more surprised by this than me. Or frustrated. Insert curse word. Hell, insert two.


07 June 2013


I love that someone in the centre of the city loves mint. They love mint so much that they made a window. I also love that it is not a storefront, as far as I can tell it is not trying to sell you anything, it is just a window in a pretty dress.

We love mint

We love mint

We love mint 
We love mint. 

Spelled in shadow. Mmmmmm.


04 June 2013

A grainy ride

Another contender for free parking in Copenhagen, the Citroën:



(getting reacquainted with the replacement camera, it's a grainy ride)




Car lurkers lesson: key for a controlled reflection is to wear a black dress.


Mmmm. And a slice of Morris:



(I miss my camera, dammit!)