27 June 2013

Donkey love

What kind of wedding photographer takes pictures like these? Me, that’s who. If you look closely you can spot the happy couple in the champagne.

Maybe it helps if you turn it upside down.

Champagne upside down
  Champagne corks

Champagne just makes everything better. Especially on grey and otherwise insignificant days. This is a bottle of memories, a collection of corks with inscriptions, reminders of good times with good people.


Wedding prep

The wedding took place at a castle in France, where I oddly immediately felt right at home. One adapts.

Boule reflection

Boules my way.

Boule ball

The hardest thing to leave behind were these guys though.

Donkey love

Nothing beats donkey love.

Donkey friend

Yeah, if you want a wedding photographer, you are better off asking someone else...


  1. Wow with the blue nails.

  2. Oh, that's not you with the blue nails? :)

    You know, Sandra, sometimes it's better not to share your strange fetishes on the internet... :D The donkeys might get embarrassed!

    Honestly, sometimes wedding photos all look so similar, it's nice to have something different. I would have loved to have wine glass reflections and donkeys in our set of wedding photos. We only kept about 12 photos from our wedding, the rest we threw away :) They were just the same old boring photos everyone else has.

    1. Nope, it was ballerina-pink for my trigger finger.

      Hahaha, my sweet donkeys, I'll have you know the love was pure and innocent. I even tried singing to them, to watch their long ears move back and forth in confusion. Oh, we had fun.

      Wedding pictures and party pictures in general do tend to look the same, they just don't exite me. Not taking them, and certainly not looking at them afterwards. Unless they are mastershots of people I really like, then it works.

    2. Was it like A Midsummer Night's Dream? "Methought I was enamoured of an ass!" :)

      Yeah, it is nice when you can get a very nicely done portrait or candid photo of people you like. :)

  3. Absolutely stunning photo of the flowers. And as for the donkeys: Awwww! :-)

  4. Haha! Very lovely wedding story, Sandra! :)

    1. An everything but the wedding story, maybe. Haha.

  5. Hey Sandra, I hope you had a good time in France despite the shitty weather. Well champagne helps...
    Donkeys are so pretty, I will always remember seeing donkeys in the middle of the death valley, out of nowhere, very surreal.

    1. Yes, what is up with the European weather? I was so not prepared for it, in my mind I was going to warm country far, far away. Ha. Champagne definitely helped.

      Anyway it is shitty and rainy here too, perfect for actually getting things done, without distraction. But I could use that kind of distraction, barbecue, sunny evenings, chilled wine on grass where are you?

    2. I'm in Paris, leaving for American desert and various National Parks in 3 weeks, YAY YAY YAY !!!

  6. OH, lucky girl! Start charging the cameras, haha. I feel the travel itch already... it is really too dull here, rainy and grey. At least we have daylight, must look on the bright side.


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