30 June 2013

The good ad

Not all advertising sucks, you just have to look long and hard to find the good stuff. The other day I took a closer look at an advertising bike outside the laundromat. I’ve seen them around, but that day I stopped to read the information on the back.

Free Bikes

(reads) My bike is shipped to Africa after one year of service as an advertising bike in Denmark. FreeBikes.

Free advertising bike

The bike is given to a Danish student to use for a year. After this the bike is shipped to Africa, where some students have an exhausting commute to their local school. Instead of using all the energy getting there by foot, they are able to concentrate on learning something. I am a little bit in love with this idea, and it reflects well on the business choosing this way of advertising, too.

Here's another cool ad, for a book. The display invites you to put yourself in the authors place (the cover is a twist on the old children's book illustration "Lille Sorte Sambo"). Extra points for the fact that it is placed out of bookstore context, at a local hairdressers salon.

Brun mands byrde

Book entitled "Brun Mands Byrde" (Brown Man's Burden) by Danish-Pakistani author Hassan Preisler.

I hope this means the advertisers and advertising agencies are finally smartening up. When I get around to tell you more about the Metro fence Byens Hegn, I'll tell you more about an idea I have for them. Oooh, it could be so good...


Oh, and tomorrow Google's reader goes into retirement. I hope I will see you on the other side.

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  1. That is such a lovely type of "advertising".... don't mind it a bit!
    Hope you are well! Loved your donkey shots :)

    Hugs and good summer weather to you!

    1. Funny, now that I know the bikes are doing good, I don't mind the advertising either. Good summer weather... not here yet. :-) (hugs!)


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