08 July 2013


Keep (make) Copenhagen weird!

Make Keep Copenhagen weird! 


A Bert garden in the Østerbro end of the lakes. Zoom is required for the full experience.

Bert on Byens Hegn

If you see what I mean?

Bert flowerbed

Subtle, but sweet.

Gro i byen / Grow in the city
Gro i byen / Grow in the city. Guerrilla gardening on a traffic sign.

I like what they are saying with this, but it also stings a little, knowing that it comes from a longing. There is an overwhelming need for more green in Copenhagen. Sadly trees and the upkeep of urban vegetation is not a huge priority here. We are working to change that, urban trees are so incredibly important.

Occupy Gezy

#OccupyGezi. Copenhageners support the fight for Taksim Gezi Park, one of the few remaining public parks in Istanbul, scheduled for demolition, to make room for yet another mall. The Turkish government grossly underestimated the people's love for this oasis. Last thing I heard, the plans were put to a halt, but the developer have a month to appeal. Fingers crossed for our tree loving friends.

Sometimes I get the feeling that we are all in this together. A lot of the problems we face are the same, and they can almost always be traced back to greed and profit. You get a sense that the people of the world have just about had it, with this agenda. And not a moment too soon.

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