16 July 2013

Micro excitement

It is the high season for travelling. Foreigners come to Copenhagen, and the Copenhageners leave the city to be foreigners somewhere else. When the inhabitants leave in large numbers, you really get a sense of how much a city is shaped by those who live there. Things are calmer here in the summer months, with less cars in the streets (ah!), and lots of outdoor activities. Everyone hangs out everywhere all the time. The excitement is to be found at the micro level. It is my favorite place to look, anyway.


The referee 
Quiet afternoons make room for exploring. I love that we still have places like this in Copenhagen, untouched by developers. Please leave it be.
 Tobaksrygning strengt forbudt!

Tobaksrygning strengt forbudt / Smoking tobacco is strictly forbidden.

Din mor's Bauwerk

Raleigh Tourist de Luxe

Another kind of urban oasis, just as important as the green ones. Both lets you breathe a little easier.

Micro excitement is not much, but it is everything.


  1. Det ser fedt ud :) Vil du afsløre hvor det er henne?

    1. Ja, så håber vi at boligspekulanterne ikke læser med... Det er en baggård på Enghavevej, jeg har lagt link ind til Din Mors Bauwerk, som jeg lige har opdaget faktisk er nogle vildt spændende folk. Og ikke et mystisk bageri, som først antaget, haha.


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