19 August 2013

Cold turkey

Nono, I am not dead. I have been cut off from the internet, and I have missed you like crazy. My cold turkey lasted six days, but at least they were spent well in Paris. It was one of those trips that really inspired me, and affected me in a way that still makes me smile.

When I left Paris, I was ready to go home and put some of all my ideas and inspiration to good use. Just to be on the safe side, I left a full hour before I normally would, to go to the airport because with Parisian transportation you never know... As it turned out, the train going to the airport was not in service, and depending on who you asked, you should get off at different stations and take different (non existing) buses. None of the advice was any good, of course, and long painful story short, I ended up sweating blood in a train going no faster that I could ride my bike.

All the while I was frantically checking my watch and watching my check in deadline pass. Overheated, frustrated and completely out of it, I was thinking Paris why you no love me no more? And then the most unlikely thing happened: a young girl came up to me and asked if she and her mother could give me a lift to the airport. I still can’t quite believe it. With exactly fourty minutes to take off, they dropped me off. Despite this angelic effort, it might still had been too late, if it was not for the sweet airline worker, pulling all the right strings. I had no idea people were so nice, it has blown me away. How can I ever repay them? I definitely owe the world one.

Indian girl






I realise this is a lot, but this is no time to be stingy. Besides I am still recovering from my wifi withdrawal, and all this amazing street goodness is too good to keep in.

Mr. Pee

Mr. Pee

Mr. Pee detail

Free Pussy Riot

Free Pussy Riot. The world has not forgotten the Russian female performance artist group Pussy Riot, or the arrogant bully that put them away for speaking their mind.


Combo. French street artist, I have read up on him (link here) and now I am really eager to see more. Hijacking images from the arts and cartoons, he is twisting them to fit his message. Like making a mini exhibition of masterpieces for pigeons, at floor level. Or the creepy visualisation of dead homeless people, in a street installation.


Cracks in the wall traced, revealing another reality. One of the reasons I love street art so much.

Clet Abraham

Clet Abraham.


Your eyes after taking in all these pictures.

Eyeballs in Paris


(you know there is more, don't you?)

(just wait for it)


Check more of my Paris street art findings on Brooklyn Street Art (link) today, yummy murals mmm.



  1. Mmmmmmm. Thanks for a nice breakfast! :)

  2. I am SO glad that you made it home in one piece! It must have been so stressful (but makes for a great story once it has all worked out)!

    Your pictures are fab, as usual :) The tribute to the dead homeless people really smacks you in the gut. Glad your trip was inspiring.... so are your pictures- thanks!


    1. You are sweet. : ) I am not so sure it makes for interesting reading, but it was extremely stressfull. But also worth it, finding out just how kind and helpful people can be. I don't think I will ever forget it, and I hope I will one day be able to help someone else out in a similar way.

      Knus tilbage!


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