09 August 2013


My two favorite sounds in the world are: the sound of dog paws on pavement, and the freewheel clicking sound of my bike. I was also mesmerized by the blackbird across my kitchen window, singing the sun down every night. But after they butchered the beautiful beech hedge at the retirement home (slowly eating away at the oasis, a clever move, considering the resistance is all about preserving it), it is gone. I hope it is alive and well, and singing to someone else.

But the bikes are here to stay. And this is the biking I know and love: easygoing, wind in hair, greeting friends, riding with friends, taking your time, making room for others and enjoying the ride. And the clicking sound...

Relaxed ride

The relaxed ride, one leg up. One of the few things not yet disallowed on a bike. Surely an oversight.

Dogs in transit

Dogs in transit.


Greeting friends on the move.

There are no rules

Everybody does it, as everybody should.

A family ride

A family ride. 

A family ride vs. a family car

Another family ride vs. "the family car". I know my preference, here.

Tiny foot

Barefoot riding with dad. The little feet, so kissable...

One guess what is not missing in these pictures? 

(First prize is not a bicycle helmet)

Score one for bicycle freedom!



  1. This is what I crave. Public space that you can move around in without feeling like at any moment you could be taken out if you're not careful enough. It doesn't exist, here.

    1. This is all caught off the rush hour. A healthy society should look into making working hours much more flexible, it would dissolve congestion and make the riding smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

    2. Yes, absolutely. All of that.

  2. Hear, Hear! :)

    I just love your action shots!

    1. Ha, blurry actionshots is my trademark, I am so happy that you like them. :D


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