26 August 2013

Goodbye summer

It is unmistakable: summer is coming to an end. I will miss the little things, like the sight of this woman, kneeling on the ground, busy with something I just had to investigate.


Woman at work

Frottage art, a technique picked up in teachers class, she told me. Never leave home without a piece of cloth and a crayon because you never know... Of course I told her about the beautiful manhole cover by Rundetårn, practically begging for a piece of crayon. I hope she found it.

Manhole cover frottage

Imagine the city collages you could make with a fat crayon and a single piece of paper?

In another part of town, I spotted this guy:

A piece of advice...

Leaving us a gentle reminder.

Lev livet levende / live life alive

Lev livet levende / Live life alive.

Letting go of summer is not easy. Please be gentle with me, fall.


  1. I hope your summer gets a reprieve and you get a few more good days in! Love the people that you meet by chance! Hugs to you!

    1. I already am getting extra days. Not beach days, but still.

      And I am really lucky with people these days. So many nice ones out there. <3


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