31 August 2013

Love, like, disapprove

So much is happening, I don't even have the time to stop and write anything down. I do manage to take pictures, but as they don't self-post, we are nowhere on that. Here is a peek at Queen Louises Bridge, occupied by the Images Festival. About a week ago they blocked two thirds of the busiest bike lane in Copenhagen to build a huge scaffolding. The construction just grew, until yesterday, when it was revealed as a big canvas for curated street art.

I love street art and I like the idea. But I do not approve of the location, and I will never understand how they are able to get permission to endanger cyclists and block all traffic for days. Such a pity that most people I hear from are against the project because it seems like a cool idea. Oh well, it too will pass. And of course it looks cool.

Broen fra oven / The bridge seen from the other bridge

I climbed the thing, to get a birds eye view of my favorite bridge and lakes.

Occupy Utopia

Occupy Utopia.

Book wall

Book wall installation on the inside.

And the yum.




One more week to go...


  1. As a happy cyclist and a bridge lover, I have to say I was rather annoyed when I was biking from Nørreport st. towards Nørrebro and I had to get off the bike because there was a stage and a concert in the middle of the bridge!! As you, I am quite surprised that they got permission to put a stage blocking the way, and even block the bike lane (on the Østerbro side), without providing for an alternative as they usually do with road works, etc. I felt like the bridge was taken away from me since I was not able to cruise past and gaze at the likes at dusk as usual. Oh well. The yuminess is good though :) Thanks for reporting!!!

    1. It affects a lot of people, this is one of the main arteries, so stupid! And since I took the first picture, it has been completely blocked, as you say. Crazy stupid with a side of yum. (I miss my daily ride too)

      : )

  2. I understand your point of view perfectly, but I also loved that the city was being so supportive of cultural activities like music shows, political debates and movies projection.. So, in that sense, I must say kudos to copenhaguen.

    As a cyclist, I get your point, and I must emphazise that I don't believe Nørrebro's cycle lanes are wide enough.. nor the rest of copenhaguen's cycle paths. BILFRI BYEN!

    1. Yes, it comes down to execution. I think this is the general problem in Copenhagen, the intentions are good, and there are even money set aside for it all, but it is poorly executed.

      For example, when the city is messy, the cleaning department don't look to alternative solutions, they just get more money to do the same. The intentions are good/keeping the city clean, but it is a waste of public funds and human resources.

      The bridge is a main artery that has also become a magnet for people. The city don't understand this, and are eager to improve/be cool. A place like this should not be messed with, it breathes on its own. It should be kept clear of ugly advertising banners and huge three-week-scaffolding projects.

      Good thing I don't feel strongly about this, huh? Hahaha.


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