09 September 2013

Classic fall

No sitting on the bridge

Images Festival is finally over. I am sorry but no, occupying the bridge for two weeks is not okay.

The best things in life are free

  The best things in life are free. One guess which one I brought home, haha.

The key

Inserting very tired face.

Dumpster watch

The changing seasons are hard. Something shifts inside you, and the energy evaporates...

Cyklist shadow

...only to re-emerge, eventually. Fingers crossed for sometime tomorrow.



  1. Lovely! I am sure that you took the heart home ;) Hugs!

  2. I'm not so sure you took the heart home :)

    Hope your energy returns soon!

    I think mine will return once this 35C weather is finished :)

    1. Hahaha, you know me too well. Besides, I already have a heart. :D

      I hope your energy returns soon, too.


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