24 October 2013

Best in hiding

White on white, details appearing only when you make a full stop, and look closely. This house makes me want to revive the Classic Copenhagen Awards. Behold a serious contender in a category yet to be announced. Best in hiding?
Grey house w. hidden details




Closest thing I have been to licking a house. Well, can you blame me?



  1. Those details are absolutely awesome! If you didn't lick the house, maybe a kiss would be appropriate? ;) Hope you are dealing with the shift from summer to winter in a smooth sort of way... For some reason, I was taking it kind of hard yesterday. The thought of going back to winter this year, for some reason, is particularly unpalatable.... ugh! Hugs to you!

    1. The darkness is the worst part, already it is dark at six here. Come ON? Once we set the clocks back, we are officially in the dungeon. Ugh, it came really fast this time around. And I dread it too. We will just have to keep each other sane. Hugs back at you. <3


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