25 November 2013

An icon a day

In the somewhat neglected Classic Copenhagen talent category, falls Emma Sivell. A Copenhagen based English illustrator, who first caught my eye with the Copenhagen skyline compilations. The clean and to the point graphics really hit me in all the right places.


Recently she launched the Icon a day project, with yummy daily slices of Copenhagen. Sometimes I wonder if a place is not seen more clearly, through the eyes of someone who didn’t grow up in the midst of it? I invited Emma to introduce herself:

I started illustrating Copenhagen about a year ago - my first piece was a cycle infographic featured on Copenhagenize. Then I moved on to buildings and Danish designed lamps… last Christmas I found myself taking my 8 year old son to Tivoli to photograph different design elements… I was definitely starting to display the kind of obsessive qualities necessary to run a blog, but didn't have the time. I was leaving my full-time secure job to go back to freelancing and needed to focus on that. A year on - I have a bit more time, but not masses. I wanted a project that would build, grow, change direction. I'm hoping that the Copenhagen, icon a day project, will be just that.


This reminds me that I have to tell you about DØP, the organic hotdog vendor. Soon.


A Tivoli lamp.

The Icon a day series launched on November 1st 2013, and are scheduled to go on for at least a year. I'm always exited when people make gutsy moves, and follow their dreams, only good can come from that. And I have a feeling that we are going to be hearing a lot more from Sivell Ink, in the future.



  1. So BEAUTIFUL illustrations, love that style. :-)
    Greetings, Ulrike

    1. I love her style too, and I think she should be working with the likes of Visit Copenhagen and the City of Copenhagen. My fingers are crossed. : )


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