19 November 2013

Election day

Wow. I have to say: I never thought a local election would be such a roller coaster ride. Today is the day, and this is the most informed I have ever been, on the parties and candidates. I even attended my first election meeting (which was such a letdown that I for a while seriously considered making a statement, by not voting at all).

With all the work I have done with Cykelrepublikken (the NGO for bike friendly cities) and the trees, I have become aware how important it is, to have the right people calling the shots, locally. But it doesn’t end there. The thing about democracy, is that you can’t just cast a vote every four years, and then let others do the work for you. You need to be involved, keep an eye on things and let them know if they have gone astray. You need to participate actively, to keep democracy healthy. It is not so much a duty as a right: don’t let anyone take your city away from you.

Election spam

Especially not this guy, hahaha.

All of the posters from this party pretty much crumbled one week in, and they just left them like that. It tells you a lot, right there: a bad decision (on the cardboard), and no follow-up to correct your mistake. Well, at least you know what to expect.

Mere kage! Dovne Robert / More cake! Lazy Robert

On the opposite end of the scale you have Denmarks most famous welfare client, running for office as "Dovne Robert" (Lazy Robert) a nickname invented by the press. He promises to work for more cake. The strange thing about this is, that candidates must pay for their own campaign material. And welfare will not even buy you busfare, let alone costly, weather resistant posters.

Oprør fra bunden

Rebellion from below. Lazy Robert. Something is fishy here. Worst case scenario: someone is using him to divert attention and votes from a party that could actually make a difference for the less privileged.

Back on the "right" side of politics (as in wrong, obviously), this guy has the audacity to demand more space for cars. Here, they have three rows and around the corner they are demolishing homes to build a parking facility. What's the magic word, then? "More." Unbelievable.

På tide med flere p-pladser, stem på Rasmus Jarlov (aldrig i livet!)

Sign reads: About time with more parking space. Vote for Rasmus Jarlov.

The easiest on the eye is not surprisingly the ones who are not trying to sell you anything, but just make you think. Ah, I missed you street art.

Forbrug uden ansvar / Irresponsible consumption

Consume without responsibility, List $, the Greed Party.

Frihed til forbrug / Freedom to consume

Freedom to consume. List $, Liberal Arrogance.

Oh, fellow Copenhageners, please vote wisely. 

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