24 December 2013

A happy holiday

It recently dawned on me that giving in to a seasonal depression for a full month of the year, every year, means accepting that as a minimum 1/12 of your life will suck. How stupid is that? No more! When you think about it, jul is nothing but peer pressure. Enjoy it if you can, but if you don’t, ignore the sucker. I skipped the Disney TV thing, I didn’t buy myself any presents, I don’t eat jule food or torment myself with any jule related activities and as a result I don’t feel inadequate as a human being. 

Jul is for people with families. Preferably happy ones. If I should ever become part of one, I will most likely suck it up and play along. I know how to play jul. But until then, ha: I choose to be happy.

Someone has scattered oversized handmade Christmas/jule ornaments on Nørrebro. I spotted a really cool mini jule tree from my bike in passing, but when I returned to take a picture, it was gone. Irrisistible goods. They left tinsel too.

Perhaps because I have not been so absorbed by the julething, the good vibe in my neighborhood has really stood out. People are friendly and chatty to a degree that makes me wish it was like this all the time. Nørrebro really is the coolest place in Copenhagen, in every way. 

On the main street Nørrebrogade, the big stores have all paid to have the garlands installed, with lights and stars. But along the cemetery, the shops are smaller and they can't afford this luxury. So the City of Copenhagen has come up with a little festive alternative, to not leave anyone out.

Packages tied to the railings. How sweet is this? Even if they are empty, haha. (Spyo's Your money my ass, is still going strong)

But my favorite jule detail is this tree, in one of the gardens by the lakes. If I were in charge of creating a jule tradition, it would also be by decorating a living tree. Or creating an alternative version. 

This makes so much sense to me. 

I hope you have a sweet day, just hang in if it sucks, okay?


  1. God jul til dig, Sandra!
    You know, I am in a happy family but sometimes the jul thing is elusive. It depends on the definition of what jul is, and that can change year to year. Personally, I always ask myself: is life cosy? Yes? That is jul.
    Society makes too much of the happiness factor but I honestly think that we find it in the little things, the things that are not tangible. Having kids, I am trying to give them something besides the material... It is difficult because that is not what they are taught on a cultural level (and it makes me not-so-cool ;) ). Hope that makes sense...
    Thinking of you :) xox

    1. If I had kids, I would definitely celebrate jul. A cool and cosy version, not the crap I grew up with. Fortunately jul doesn't suck for everyone. Life is what you make it, and jul is no exception. I have a feeling that your jul is cosy, it is good to know that it is not a teeth-pulling experience to everyone, haha.

      Have a sweet jul Celena, and big hugs to you. <3

    2. You are always welcome at our jul! The kids would love you. xox

    3. Ah, jul in Canada, I would love that. : )


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