20 December 2013


Copenhagen my sweet onion, you will never run out of layers. We are in a relationship you and I, and it is sometimes complicated, but you are so worth it. Nordhavn, the North Harbour:



This part of the North Harbour is virgin territory, like something out of an old Danish Olsen Banden movie. Not too far from here, they are developing a new part of Copenhagen. It will look nothing like this, of course.

Fishermans nightmare

Gerda KBH

No access

I hope this area is allowed to survive, we can't live without the cracks and the people keeping places like this alive.


  1. Great place to get fresh seafood, right off the boats! Before moving to Charlottenlund, I lived on Aarusgade and we used to explore this area a lot. Walking into Nordhavn was like walking a million light years out of Oesterbro! Glad to see that you are liking this neighbourhood more... it may not be as cool as others but it is not so bad ;) xox

    1. I found it purely by coincidence, scouting for a location. But now I am going to explore it more, and I would love to find a place to find fresh seafood. We have so few fishmongers in Copenhagen, although we are surrounded by water. But you probably have to be up early (or go to bed really late) to catch them?

    2. Too early up, if you ask me ;) We used to go to the far north side of Nordhavn. There is a quai there and that is where the fisherman would off load. Not sure if they are still there but I really hope so!! xox


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