29 December 2013

Silent Sunday, car lurking


 Citroen 2CV
 Headlight reflection

Blue 2CV
 Born to rock


  1. hello Sandra! that was my grandmother's car, always has been, but hers was beige and didn't have the rock n roll air freshener. So many good memories in that car with my cousins!!! <3

    1. Everything about it is sweet: the smell, the sound of it and the driving experience. I love this car so much, super cosy that your grandmother had one too. : )

    2. One of my boyfriends had one to, and I got to drive it too, that's quite an experience and sooooo fun! It died on us though, one day in the middle of nowhere and we had to hitch hike our the rest of the way with a mad man, thinking our life was over.... ;-) like i said this car brings back a lot of memories - probably to a lot of not so young French people.

    3. It has always been very popular in Denmark, too. Every time I see one parked, I have to stop at take pictures. They all have their own personality, it almost seems like no two are alike. <3


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