13 January 2014


PS! Remember that nice big water mirror I told you I was crouching over, just before Supermom passed me? I uploaded it to my Flickr stream, as I do with most my Copenhagen pictures, and it was picked as one of the five hundred best of the day. Out of 8.6 million uploads. Whoa? This only goes to show, there is no rainy day so shitty that you can’t make it work for you.



  1. Good for you Sandra! And the lesson is heard here, I will keep it in mind... :-)))

    1. Haha exactly! You never know... : )

    2. Hehehe, good job on being positive :) Congratulations! Also it is excellent news for the trees that our one-day snow has melted so there is no need for throwing salt around :)

    3. It is perfect! I love this non-salty winter so much, for that reason. And thank you, I'm trying.. : )


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