11 January 2014


Yesterday a man interviewing me about Copenhagen said: “I know it is a stretch, but could you say something positive...”. I laughed so hard because I get it: I do rattle cages, and point out what needs to be fixed. But that is only because I love Copenhagen so much, you get that, right? Anyway, he made me think about how I get my message across.

It has been raining more or less non stop for days, and outdoor activities are kept to a minimum, until it passes. You know like in June. As I was headed towards the city centre, I was trying to come up with the one image that would convey what I love so much about living in Copenhagen. My bike was parked alongside of me, and I was crouching over a nice big water mirror, when she passed me: Supermom. With a pink cape and all.

Watermirrors be damned, she was the one. The embodiment of what I love so much about this city: the endurance, biking through all kinds of weather, Supermom pushing two kids on a red bike in a pink cape. I tried to get a better shot.

I tried.

But you have to consider that I was up against superpowers. 


  1. That is awesome- go, Supermom!

    1. As you know, they are everywhere. I just wish more of them wore capes. : )


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