18 January 2014

The forest and the flirty bike

In January Copenhagen has an abundance of trees. Entire forests of them in fact, on every corner and in every backyard. It's the discarded jule-trees of course, 500 tonnes of them to be exact. The ritual of cutting down a healthy tree, and using it for decoration makes no sense to me, although I understand that it does to others. But at least we could find a way to put them to good use afterwards?

December: for sale/January: for grabs.

Way too late I started investigating the options. Zoo's around Denmark (but not the one in Copenhagen) have invited people to drop of jule-trees, for the animals. Apparently it is a crazy delicious snack to the likes of goats, sheep, monkeys and camels. An attempt to hook some sheep up with the local pines, didn’t take. Ugh, it burns to see the trees go to waste like that. I should have thought of this earlier (kicking myself), but at least now I know when to set the wheels in motion next time. If you have any bright ideas, please let me know.

Further down the road I had to stop for this one. Wet bikes are so flirty, have you noticed?

Wet bike berries

This one stands out, not just because of the dangling glossy berries on stripy string, but the details, mmmm. Looks like a nice, sturdy bike.

Pilen Cykel AB Målilla

Pilen Cykel AB Målilla.

Trimming the bike

After thoroughly documenting and dancing around this yummy bike, I got a flashback to the jule-tree at my grandparents' house. The magic of the jule-tree (mostly a thing for children, really), can easily be transferred to something with a far gentler environmental impact. Anything can be decorated. Even a bike. 


  1. In Montreal we have this:

    Our family uses it for firewood (a little bit of Christmas smell throughout the rest of the winter).

    Love the bike decorations :) Definitely flirty!

    1. Oh, this is inspiring! We could do that here. And it will make the trees last longer, before we find a final destination for them. I want to know more about the Do Crew, it sound exciting. From what I can gather it is an initiative by a TV station? Utter coolness, you make me want to visit Montreal so bad. : )

  2. It is a monthly activity hosted by a local division of our national radio station (CBC Montreal, kind of like DR). For January, they organized and provided the volunteers to make up this pop up forest but I think that it is a community initiative. The location of it is downtown so it provides some extra green in an urban environment. People deliver their old Christmas trees to a specified locale and then they put it up. I love the idea! You are so totally welcome here!

    1. I think this kind of initiative would make a big difference here, especially on Nørrebro, where we have the least amount of nature per citizen. The idea of people working together, and building the community spirit is so cool. Really inspiring story, thank you Celena. <3

  3. I look forward to seeing your forest! xox


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