31 March 2014

It's now o'clock

We have been tinkering with time again, adjusting our clocks to save, or rather prolong daylight. I still don’t get how so many people have a problem with this. Hello? Days are getting brighter and longer, and we are saving precious energy.

Mayby I am less affected in a negative way because I am not strapped to a watch. One day, many years ago, I realised that being constantly reminded of the time of day, only stressed me out. Whatever with the clock. Can’t we just live in the moment? Like my favorite artist Victor IV said: time is always now.

Bulgar time, an art project by Victor IV. 

Happy summer time!



  1. Wise words. Thank you

  2. Hi Sandra, I like this time of the year too! I don't understand people bitching about one hour, especially people who travel all the time... This art work is fantastic. :-)

    1. Oh, this man, the way he saw the world was so inspiring, I want to make a post about him. Adding this to my loooong to-do list, haha.

      And why is it so terrible to get up an hour early, just that one day? After that your body adjusts. It doesn't even count as jet lag. :D

  3. What I don't like about the one hour change is the extra hour I have to work if I'm on the midnight shift when that happens. Of course during the Autumn change, when we get the hour back, I don't get that hour off!

    Victor IV -- I've got to read more about him. What an interesting man!

    It's amazing...Victor IV turns the idea of "clockwise" and "counter-clockwise" on its head! All of those watches above are turning clockwise according to the numbers on the watch face, but some are opposite the others! It reminds me of weather patterns in the Northern Hemisphere versus the Southern. Turn the globe upside-down, and the rotation directions don't change...it's an optical illusion.

    There I go again, getting in too deep. Where's my coffee?!


    1. I have to admit, it is messing with me a little bit, at the moment. It does take some adjusting, but in the end it will be worth it. Daylight is always worth it.

      Victor IV was an endlessly fascinating man, the way he saw the world and turned everything upside down, is so inspiring. His widow is Danish, and she told me some good stories.

      Now, where is *my* coffee? I am so tired I could pass out. And it's only 6PM. Ugh. : )


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