20 April 2014

A smooth ride

When they talked about replacing the cobblestones in the historical city centre with flat ones, to accommodate cyclists, I immediately got a bad feeling. Just recently the parallel pedestrian street was scarred with polished, slippery little square tiles, and I was afraid they were going to use them again. But oh.

Last week I saw the finished project, and it is perfect! Not shiny and slippery but merely a subtle difference in appearance. The overall feel of the historical centre is respected, but the smooth bike friendly cobble stones make a huge difference, to cyclists. 

The road is still blocked for cars, while the concrete is drying. Peaceful.

I was crouching (as you know, my favorite position for taking pictures, haha) in the bike path, so the cyclists rode around me, but once they passed, they went straight back to the smooth part. It just draws you in.

Well done, Copenhagen!


  1. Min hjerne elsker det: Det er godt på for min jernehest og mine rulleskøjter. Mit øje hader det. Min hjerne vinder.

    1. Nej, virkelig? Jeg synes at de passer så godt ind. De måtte gerne være blanke, men det kan være at de bliver det med brug.

    2. Langt pænere end asfalt mast ned mellem brostenene, helt klart. Men, uh, mit øje holdte at de brolagte gader, som de var.

  2. I remember a few years ago cycling through Holbaek. Its main street Adelgade? is cobblestone -- I had to hold on with two hands, ride slowly, and make sure I didn't lose any tooth cavity fillings after it ended!

    But seriously, I can't imaging anyone physically handicapped making it across a cobblestone street safely. Any improvement at all is welcomed. What Copenhagen has done on this street is a great compromise. Cyclists like it, it looks easier to walk (or roll) on, and it doesn't take anything away from the historic atmosphere of the street.

    Also, crouching gives your photos a nice point of view!


    1. The good thing about cobblestones is that it keeps the pace down. Speed is so overrated, anyway.

      We don't have a lot of the cobblestones left, and I think it is a good thing to keep some of them around. It is part of Copenhagen's history, and we have enough asphalt as it is. : )


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