04 April 2014

The new sexy

Once in a while I encounter a bike that just stops me in my tracks. This one called out for me, I tried to ignore it, but it got so loud that I had to dismount further down the road, and go back. The last time I encountered this level of bike goodness, was with the honey bunnies in Jægersborggade. It was that long ago, and it is this good. Prepare yourself...

It really should come with a fanfare! Try and make one in your head.

Padded foil seating, and an intricate strap-system/seatbelt function. Equally good for passengers and fragile goods. Shiny silver and orange, it makes me want to scream!

SUCK. Hahaha. Good luck stealing this one, see how far you will get before someone recognizes it and make you return it to the rightful owner! And the goodness just goes on:

This bike is a rock star. 

What's better than shiny silver and orange? Shiny silver, orange and turquoise.


There was a time when men in polluting and noisy cars speeding down the street, were considered sexy. That time has past. Today, sexy is a man on a loaded cargo bike. Mmmhh!


  1. Well, you made me stop and read your post which made me smile so thats a success.
    Where does getting the Sunday papers on my bike rate me .........don't answer that!

    1. Getting around by bike, is just sexy. Cargo or not. Go get that paper. : )


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