29 May 2014

Handle with care

Last week democracy once again flexed its muscle, this time for the European Parliament. Voter turnout hit a record low 56,3 percent. Voters are losing faith that their opinion matter, and not everyone seem to understand or perhaps care about how an ever growing number of decisions are made in the EU.

The majority of those who did vote, did so on a right-wing party. A pattern repeated all over Europe. The options for someone who wish to maintain some sense of nationality, are few: you can go far left or far right. The subject is a minefield, and if you are not on board the current definition of the EU train, you are at best considered a sentimental fool.

I do very much feel like a European. To me Europe is a melting pot, and the diversity in cultures, customs and flavors is not what separate, but rather what defines us. Anything attempting to even out these “bumps”, are working against the very core of what makes it so special, which is why I don’t subscribe to the idea of the United States of Europe.

Surely there must be a way to collaborate on some issues, and still be an independent country? According to the politicians there is only one way. The options are limited, and speaking against the general direction comes with ridicule and threats of doom. That alone is a warning signal, to me.

My contribution to the EU election, is more hands-on, attempting to solve the poster strip problem. Candidates are required to remove the posters, but often the strips are left behind, strapped on trees, fences and light poles, and even used for birds nests (ugh!). The obvious fix is color coding the strips, or in other ways make them identifiable. Just to get started, I have covered my own neighborhood.

Strip ID

Tagging the individual strips with candidate's initials and party letter.

Too late..

I was too late for this one.

Trying out something..

Election posters

Tag ansvar / take responsibility. 

I wonder if questioning the direction is as much a taboo in other European countries as it is here? Leave a comment if you dare.


  1. How about a deposit system for these ties? Or maybe turn in a certain amount and get a free ticket to the cinema?

    1. I thought about that, but that could lead to posters being cut down prematurely. Even the bottle deposit business have changed, and become an organized industry.

  2. Hello Sandra. ugh, the election were a catastrophe here, with the extreme right wing (nazi) getting the most votes. I was not happy coming back to France, and France is getting harder and harder to like every year... On the other hand, your work is so great here. I am a very pragmatic gal and this too puts a smile on my face.

    1. Oh, I am sorry about that. I wonder if the voter turnout was low in France too? The one with the most votes here is also from the far right party "Dansk Folkeparti", the ones who have hijacked our beautiful flag. The scary thing is, that if you have any reservations about the current direction in the EU, he and one other party was the only choice.

      Maybe that is why so many didn't vote? Hm.

      I am curious to see if they take down the strips this time. : )


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