11 June 2014

Hot and cool

Random snapshots of summer in Copenhagen, is the best I can do at the moment. At least I got you flowers. There is a street running parallel to the lakes, Wesselsgade, lined with rose bushes. They are almost at the end of their bloom, and the air on that stretch is intoxicating, an unmissable part of the day.

Yellow roses


Scent pic

Trying hard to capture the scent for you, climbing into the flower. Is it working?

Outdoors is where it's at. If you don’t have a balcony, get creative. 

Fortunately, the EU election was not as poster heavy as usual, but we are still left with this:

Overdue EU election posters

A poor reflection of the party SF (this guys posters are still all over the place). Can we trust them with anything important, if they can't even manage to clean up after themselves? Would you? The strips with the homemade ID-tags were all properly removed, by the way. In case you were wondering.

Rantzausgade, Copenhagen.

Snapshot from Rantzausgade (on map)... something is brewing in this street. The inhabitants are pushing to make it safer for cyclists, and it is alive with cosy stores. Diverse and inviting, Nørrebro at its best.


Stay cool, Rantzausgade! 


  1. Thanks for the cool pics, Sandra!

    I totally agree with you... if politicians don't have enough respect to make sure that their posters are cleaned up after the campaign, then what does it say about their attitude towards the cities/countries that they are supposed to represent? Here is my garbage! Suck it up!

    I wish my legs were as nice looking as that mannequin ;)

    Have a good week! xox

    1. Politics is just a career path, and the posters are job applications. I look at our prime minister, and see a woman who is priming herself for a top position in EU. Looking good for that job is her only concern, as far as I can tell.

      There are very few of them left I can believe in, but every time one shows up, I feel myself getting hopeful again. Ha,

      It is so cosy to hear from you, a good week to you too, Celena. : )


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