24 July 2014

Come rain or come shine

Copenhagernes will look back at this summer, and call it the best in years. It really is. But it is also too damn much with this crazy heat wave and endless sleepless tropical nights. It just crosses a line when your brain starts melting on you. Not to sound ungrateful (feel free to remind me of this come the dungeon), because I also love the long days, the clear skies and living in a skimpy summer dress. As always, it is about making the best of it. Come rain or come shine.

It is kind of poetic how the shadow only comes alive in the sun. The two of them put on quite a show these days.

Light and shadow

Half and half

Shadow stairs

Fleeting shadow-stairs, to be enjoyed while they last.

The summercycle goes from one extreme to the other. After a while of boiling heat, burnt grass and suffering trees, nature compensates with heavy rain. Followed by more complaining, of course. Until you remember the puddle action.

Floating Copenhagen tourists

Toying with Copenhagen tourists. Making them float...

Sliding Copenhagen tourists

...and slide. Without understanding the words, I knew they were talking about the strange girl crouching before them in the street. "What’s she doing? What’s she doing?"

Smiles. I think?

 “Aaaaaaahhhh” this was the moment that they realised what I was doing. Ha. Thank you for playing.

20 July 2014

Silent Sunday, in the red


Slagter / Butcher

Wet kiss 

14 July 2014

Cykelslangen in The Guardian

Wow, it turns out the world just love Cykelslangen, our beautiful orange cycle snake by the harbour. Everybody wants one, and today I wrote an article about it in The Guardian. Somebody pinch me! 


07 July 2014

A guilty crush

There is a new swan on the lake, the latest addition to the pedal boat fleet at Kaffesalonen. Before developing an opinion on them, I went to take their picture. First impression was good, as they resemble my favorite bird...
 Swan fleet

...and are shameless flirts:



But after a few days, I noticed that the real swans were huddling in the lake corners, suggesting they were not amused. However, in the most recent development, they seem less apprehensive when the fleet is not in motion. It is my hope that they will eventually get used to the steroid version of themselves.

New swan on the lake

On the upside, the swan boats are to tall to enter the other lake, under the bridge, leaving our birds some refuge. Again, I wonder if anyone is looking out for the interest of nature here, or if urban wildlife is just left to fend for itself? And if we keep pushing, will they eventually leave? Mixed emotions on this one, oh.