02 August 2014

A declaration of war

It’s been a hectic week. One thing that had my blood at a boil was the parasitic business “Cykelstativet” (the bike rack), with a simple concept: stealing people's bikes, and holding them ransom. A double payoff, as the owners of shops and buildings would have to pay a steep subscription fee for this “service”. I feel sorry for the poor souls, who returned to find their bikes stolen. We depend on our bikes so much, losing one can cripple a struggling household.

Fortunately, quite a few of these bikes were reported stolen (not everybody found the ransom instructions), the media picked up on it, forcing the police to take a stance. It took them a week to return with the verdict: removing people's bikes is theft, and asking ransom not legal. You don’t say?

What infuriates me the most is not that someone came up with such an evil plan, but the fact that stores were willing to declare Copenhagen cyclists war. The majority of Copenhageners get around by bike. I mean, come on? Among businesses that consider cycling customers a nuisance are Danske Bank (the curse of our country, this bank, devoid of social responsibility), a mediocre jewelry company, that deserves no mention here, and even a bar, “The Moose”. Slow clap. 

It would have been so simple to install a bike rack in front of the business, like it is done all over Berlin, for instance. Perhaps with a small greeting: Welcome, my non polluting friend. No? I guess not. Even though it would have been cheaper to install than this crap, and the subscription that goes with it:

Of course this is a symptom of what we have been saying all along: there is an embarrassing shortage of bike parking options in Copenhagen, both in the commercial and residential areas. Cars have all the road space, and they are fighting tooth and nail to keep it that way. Until the city comes up with an appropriate solution, our only option is to use the streets and block the sidewalks.


  1. Bravo! Well put, Sandra.

    Who do these people think they are (were)!? "Let me see: I think it should be illegal to....hmm, walk too slow on the side walk. I think a fine of 500 kroner will be adequate. I'll set up some check points on the main streets and start enforcing my new 'law'".

    1. Ha, thank you!

      Yeah, making up your own rules as you go, and a nice profit too. I am so relieved they have been told off.


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