31 August 2014

Baffled and proud

The seasonal transition is taking its toll. For a week straight it has been raining (last night we even had flooding), and days are getting measurably shorter. I am running around like a headless chicken, trying to catch a little bit of everything.

Wednesday I attended an embarrassingly small demonstration against fracking. The Government have allowed French frackers Total to drill for fossil fuels in Denmark. Fracking is banned in France, so they need to look elsewhere for uninformed or careless countries. Fracking is extracting shale gas from the ground, fracturing rock with water, chemicals and sand. An invasive and experimental procedure, tampering with our groundwater. It baffles me that people are not in the streets by the thousands to protest this.

A green transition without fracking

Oddly people seemed uncomfortable being photographed at this demo, I don’t see why. They should be so proud to stand up for the environment. Below the logo from the movement Skifergas nej tak, (Fracking no thanks). A throwback to the cherished Nuclear power, no thanks.

Fracking, no thanks

For now they are left with the problem in Frederikshavn in Jutland, but soon they plan to start test drilling uncomfortably close to Copenhagen. Not so green, huh?

(Moving on to a lighter subject)

For the past few days the city have been celebrating Copenhagen Pride, in support of gays and transgenders. This includes rainbow flags on buses and on the Stock Exchange, Børsen:


Copenhagen is proud, and I am proud of Copenhagen.

Gay pride in Copenhagen

Equal rights for everyone, please. I used to think this flag was purely ornamental, but it turns out there are still people out there who don't believe in these rights. Hello? Welcome to 2014.

Flying pig  


  1. People just don't seem to give a shit these days. I wish I knew why. Perhaps they're all too busying paying off the middle class dream.I attended an anti government protest in Melbourne recently and was told by a passer by to 'get a job'!!!!!
    (couldn't help noticing the lack of comments to your post)



    1. I am glad at least one more person is wondering. To tell someone to get a job, when they get involved in society? I would reply: take a stand. Develop an opinion, preferably one of your own, not some crap fed to you by a biased party.

      It frustrates me to no end. With the trees too, here. I am trying to keep it to a minimum on the blog, but sometimes I need my position to go on record. Even if it makes people uncomfortable. Inactivism is like a cancer.

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment, Ian.


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