26 September 2014

Home sweet home

I spotted them from across the street immediately: the rainbow colored benchwarmers, in the middle of Queen Louises Bridge. Street art have become so scarce in Copenhagen, that I almost sing with joy when I come across it. So much love and effort goes into decorating the public space, and pieces like these brighten people’s day. These are signed This Is The Knit.

Bench warmers
Hastværk er lastværk / Haste makes waste

Hastværk er lastværk / Haste makes waste.

Hjem kære hjem / Home sweet home

Hjem kære hjem / Home sweet home.

Yarnbombing in Copenhagen

Ugly posters on a beautiful if slightly small and outdated garbage can. Ignore them if you can.

Not the best light that day, but living in a city that considers these gems vandalism, there was no guarantee it would survive the night, so I took my best shot. Good thing I did too because next day they were gone.

They had better not been removed by the city administration, that’s all I’m saying. People have a right to brighten the public space temporarily, in a non-invasive way, if that is not stated by law, it should be. Besides, it is counter productive to rob people of the ownership of public space. If you want the citizens to feel included, don’t be a bullying parent, it will only leave you with disobedient children. As somewhat of a consolation, the pop-up living room is back on the lake corner.

Pop-up living room

Complete with comfy chair, small table, picture frame and a cup of tea.

Sunset chair

Perfect spot to catch the sunset.

Home sweet home. 


  1. I LOVE those touches! It breaks my heart that someone would voluntarily destroy the efforts that people take to make other peoples' lives brighter! They should be treasured and not taken down....
    That chair... it has my name on it... at least for a few minutes of absolute heaven!
    XOX to you! Thanks for sharing these moments!

    1. I know! So stupid. These little things are what shapes the identity of a city, why is that so hard to understand? I wish I could give you a moment in that chair, earlier that day I spotted a mother feeding her child there. On top of the bunker hill under a tree, so cosy.

    2. Thank you, sweet Sandra! Love that a mother was nursing her child there.. awesome! xox

  2. I 'm so glad I found your blog. This summer we visited Copenhagen. We're absolutely in love with your city! Your blog keeps me connected.

    1. I am so glad you found it too. I will do my best to keep you updated.


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