17 September 2014

The skinny

Despite Copenhagen’s overall bicycle friendliness, we still have a few psycho-streets, in which cyclists are left to fight it out with buses, speeding cars and opening car doors. One of these is the charismatic Istedgade, on the westside Vesterbro. It used to be all gritty, with drug users, porn shops and prostitution, but they are now confined to the lower end of the street. It took the city planners a while to get around to redesign it, and they wisely invited the inhabitants and shop owners to contribute with ideas to the layout.

The result is not clear yet (stay tuned), except there won’t be designated bike lanes, but the sidewalks are supersized and it is looking good so far. It is a big construction mess, and being a busy street leading to the central train station, it affects a lot of commuters. Enter Copenhagen’s skinniest bike lane.

Copenhagen's skinniest bike lane

Catching cyclists at the entry point of construction hell, guiding them through an alternate route. 

Just follow the thin, blue line. It will lead you to and from the central station.

I love good communication!

And I miss summer already.

Help me.


  1. Finally! Now I know what this blue line means. Thank you!

    1. I actually took me a while too, so perhaps that part of the communication is lacking. Apparently they have placed signs up by Enghavevej. But I had no doubt it was a bike line. Instant recognition. Simple and so effectful.

  2. Except for the cobblestones, it looks very American...except that's the width of the finished shoulder. IF we're lucky!

    1. Bring out the blue paint! Widen that sucker. : )


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