17 October 2014

European Green Cap... ah, who are we kidding?

Recently I was floored by the sight of another eight road trees cut down by the lakes. We can't afford to lose anymore, here. Why does this keep happening? A journalist cleared it up for us. The trees had been suffering for a while, from insufficient space to grow, salt damages and from being hit by cars. So why not protect them from these things, and provide proper living conditions, we asked? Well, the limited budget is spent on watering and protecting young trees the first years, there are simply no funds to protect the rest.

Copenhagen, winner 2014 European Green Capital

Never mind the fact that trees clean the air, absorb particles and provide a shield from traffic. In a language they should be able to understand, trees represent a huge investment that is flushed out the toilet by lack of maintenance. Not because the good park people don't know how to take care of trees, but because they are limited by political priorities. 

The tree group Red Byens Træer (save the city's trees) is growing steadily, awareness is raised and we are becoming more vocal in our concern. It is a relief to know that you are not alone.

Dead tree

Leafless tree on Nørrebro. Street artists are picking up on this too. Good!

Below a similar scenario as the recent lake tree felling, in a different part of town, Nørre Voldgade.

"F" marks the kiss of death, note the non-existing plant hole.

In the back Ørstedsparken, in safe distance (apart from chunk taken out for the new concrete square, ugh!)

Cars cause damage to people in so many ways, but in Copenhagen it is the trees that are cut down, to prevent damage to cars.  

As I was kneeling to take this picture, a woman got out of her car. "Look at this," I said with sadness and pointed to the stub below her heavy metal. "Yes," she replied, "I always wondered what these trees are doing here, it is not like you use them for anything." I decided to let her live. It only took everything I had.



  1. Yes it's very sad to see trees got cut down. I completely agree with you. There was once all the trees got cut down overnight in one street near me. I was so shocked! If you're interested, we took some photos to compare the before and the after. It's so sad :(

    1. I just checked it out, what a disaster!? What was their excuse? And why was there not an uproar in the streets? It frustrates me to no end, the trees belong to the world, not just the property then are on, or even the country.

      It makes me happy that you documented it though. I see that you also have to rely on Google Streetview, for the "before" shots. That is when you fully realise the damage. We need to take pictures of all the street trees, and keep them as evidence, when they cut them down.

      The ignorance of some people, and the city administration, it is staggering. Here, they have no problem finding money for a stupid song contest, or parking space for cars, but financing an alternative to salting, oh no that is impossible. UGH!

  2. I'm not sure what their excuse was. Maybe I should ask people in that street. Yes I know, I was glad Google Streetview kept the evidence! (P.S I'm going to visit Copenhagen for the first time very soon. I'm SO excited! I found your blog when I was doing research about the city. Thanks for all the interesting posts!)


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