28 November 2014

Old chapter, new chapter

In an attempt to prioritise my time and energy, and spend it where it does the most good, I have decided to terminate Classic Copenhagen's Facebook page. It frustrates me that only a small fraction of those who follow it, get the updates, due to Facebook algorithms, and overall it just seems like a huge waste of time. Instead, I have made an Instagram account, the perfect place for all the contestants that don't make it to a post. I call it random observations by a hungry eye. Lots of little, big things, street art, bike action, lake porn and car lurking. You know the drill.

Maybe I will see you there?

On instragram: @sandrahoj

If you need a heads up when there is action on the blog, you can subscribe to the feed here (link).

24 November 2014

Happy metal

First off: thank you for all the cosy comments and inspiring requests on the birthday post. They were so good, I am going to try them all out, and see what works. And if you are late to the game, just keep them coming, I am all ears.

As what I can only consider a birthday present, someone installed a pair of friends on the bridge. A set of welded iron sculptures doubling as crazy cool street art furniture. I spotted them in the fading daylight, and begged them to hang in at least until the next day, for a proper portrait. Bolted to the benches and holding each other's hands tight, they promised to stay.



(Is it just me, or does this big mouth remind you of somebody else's, that you know? Haha.)

Look at these sweet, happy faces? Oh!


A nice firm hat, I think you can sit on that? I am seriously considering calling the city and ask if they could leave them be, at least for a little while. Not that it would necessarily have any effect, but it can’t hurt to try.



Despite the medium and the locking business, I don’t think Tejn made these guys. The style is so different and besides he signs his work. Let me know if you know, credit is due.


Sweet friends. Thank you for staying put.

15 November 2014


Classic Copenhagen turns five today, can you believe it? I know some of you have been along from the early years, and I also know that many of you have a special bond with Copenhagen. Some of you live here, some of you used to live here, maybe for work or studies, and now stay in touch with Copenhagen through my blog. I wish I could have you all over for birthday cake and red soda. 

Instead, I will let you decide a spot in Copenhagen that you would like me to photograph for you, and make a post about it. Maybe a place that holds a special meaning, or just a view of Copenhagen from a certain building, or a place you would like to visit, if you were here. Your wish is my command. Just leave your instructions in the comments section, where and why, and I will pick at least one. Are you game?

Birthday cake for Classic Copenhagen
Happy birthday, sweet blog!


13 November 2014

Afloat in a sea of grey

I want to clench my fists and yell profanities at the sky. Uncontrollably. F*ck it very much for drowning me in a sea of grey, drained of color, contrast and life. Days start on dim, and stays there until around three in the afternoon, at which point it fades to black. It’s the dungeon again, of course. I still haven’t found a way to get through it in one piece. Although little, big things like a magic crystal ball lens, helps.

Crystal lens

Irma strip

Chrystal ball lens 
And Queen Louises Bridge bike lane.

Tree bombing by the lakes. 

Tree bombing by the lakes

Someone is trying to make a point, that we need more trees. This one won't survive, right there. Hopefully they will move it later, it would be a pity if it died before it had a chance to grow. Not too many swans left either, in this lake. Probably due to heavy human spam.

Guerrilla gardening

A few ballsy swans stick around, and one of them likes to keep an eye on me. ♥


Whatcha doin'?

Nothing much, my birdy friend. Just trying to stay afloat, you know how it is.

Fogged up
Fogged up.