28 November 2014

Old chapter, new chapter

In an attempt to prioritise my time and energy, and spend it where it does the most good, I have decided to terminate Classic Copenhagen's Facebook page. It frustrates me that only a small fraction of those who follow it, get the updates, due to Facebook algorithms, and overall it just seems like a huge waste of time. Instead, I have made an Instagram account, the perfect place for all the contestants that don't make it to a post. I call it random observations by a hungry eye. Lots of little, big things, street art, bike action, lake porn and car lurking. You know the drill.

Maybe I will see you there?

On instragram: @sandrahoj

If you need a heads up when there is action on the blog, you can subscribe to the feed here (link).


  1. For sure! I know what you mean about face book.I'm over it.I've been meaning to open an instagram account for a while now. This might just be the reason I'm looking for.

    Happy instagraming!


    1. It just makes more sense to have an outlet for pictures, than links to a post, on fb. And it all takes time, more than you realise. Better to spend it wisely. : )

  2. Sandra,

    Your photos are always great, but today they're exceptionally so.



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