24 December 2014

Hugs and hats

This year’s jule greeting is courtesy of the Nile decorator. Is it one person, or more? Either way, if you are decorating the Nile, you are the Nile decorator to me. It has been a while since the kids were pimped, I am happy to se this particular tradition kept alive (here's a look at the elf version 2012, compare this to our current ten plus degrees, whoa).

The Nile, elf version

The Nile, elf version
 The Nile, elf version

The tradition of adding little things to our statues, like flowers and costumes are a token of love and appreciation. Classic Copenhagen.

The Nile, elf version
 The Nile, elf version

The Nile, elf version

Happy holidays and big jule hugs for everyone.


  1. Weather has been really odd in Portland this year, too. We had a really warm Spring, a really long summer (it was warm all the way through October), almost no Autumn before we hit freezing temperatures, and then it jumped back up to the usual 5 C and raining.

    Portland mostly decorates with lights, so at least the center of the city gets pretty sparkly at this time of year, it helps to distract you from all the crazy traffic :)



    And there is a group that, every year, makes sweaters and hats and gloves for some of the statue and fountain things in the center of the city :)



    Big jul hugs to you too, Sandra! And soon, a happy New Year :)

    1. Oh, the little weasel costumes are too cool! Hahaha. Sometimes I think Portland and Copenhagen share something in common.

      I have been relieved that the trees don't get salted, but at the same time, they need winter to kill off bugs and other unwanted stuff. Without that freeze, there is no saying what will develop. Maybe there is still time.. at least we are officially headed out of the dungeon, by something like two seconds gained daylight, a day. :D

      Big hugs back at you, Dave.

  2. Hugs to you! Love the Nile babies :)


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