11 February 2015

The big Ø

If there is one thing I have learned in recent years, it is that the change we want in society, must come from the people. Not the politicians. Here is an example of how they work: In an attempt to reclaim soda sales from across the border, the Danish government cancelled the sugar tax. As predicted, sales went up (on both sides of the border) and consumption increased by more than ten percent. Now all the masterminds have to do, is sit back and await the backlash: obesity, diabetes and dental decay.

So, we ask, with this tool available, why not lower the tax on organic and healthy food? Ah, but that is not doable, sorry. Never mind the overwhelming public interest in eating healthy and minimizing the use of medication and toxins in farming. That’s a different bottom line.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for the politicians: One of the biggest supermarket chains in Denmark, COOP has taken matters into their own hands. On the 25th anniversary of the organic mark “Ø”, they have pledged to boost the organic supply in the Irma stores. The goal is to double the sales and selection, over the next ten years. This is done by reducing the markup on organic food, making it accessible to more people. An in-house process that does not affect the suppliers, other than increase the demand for their product.

They began implementing this in January 2015, and already the organic sales in Irma stores have gone up by forty percent. Whoa? Imagine what could be done, if our politicians had similar guts and vision?

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Ø”, they messed with the Irma chicken, by the lakes. As you can imagine I was not amused, the Irma chicken is untouchable!

(Pardon the blur, I was in a state, haha)

However, “Ørma” has reassured me that it is a temporary thing, mounted on top of the old. It is going to look like this for the next year, maybe two. I am sucking it up in the name of Ø. And because, you know: I love Irma. More than ever.

Neon King, the Irma chicken sign on the blog
Hello Irma, Irma on the blog
Smile to Sandra, a twist on the vintage Irma sticker
25 years of Ø, on Organic Denmark

If you want to read up on the big Ø and sugartax (all in Danish):
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  1. It is a good cause... maybe we can lend them the chicken for a few months..... ;)

    PS: great shot of the neon signs! You manage to capture them more and more every time! xox

    1. Oh, it's a struggle to catch nighttime images, still. I am glad you approve. : )


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