31 March 2015

Waiting, sweetheart, just waiting...



I am so ready for a change, that I can almost taste it. Something's gotta give. 

18 March 2015

The Circle Bridge, part one

Perhaps encouraged by the overwhelming reception of Cykelslangen bike bridge (the Bicycle Snake), pedestrian and cyclist bridges are popping up all along the Copenhagen harbor, at warp speed. One of those is the Circle Bridge, designed by Ice Watch artist Olafur Eliasson. It is a relatively short bridge, but saves you a bumpy detour on cobblestones (cyclists know what a treat that can be). Meanwhile, the boat community is not amused with all the new canal bridges, arguing that they are being fenced in, and that the canal-spirit will suffocate. It is not easy keeping everyone happy.

Last week the internet started buzzing with the Circle Bridge, as the pieces were being put in place. For some reason the harbor side feels like a party I am not invited to. Crammed with high-end real estate and corporate headquarters of steel and glass, in a big and uninviting scale. But when you have blog business to do, you suck it up.

View from Langebro bridge. Circles on the ship to the right, ready for installment.

Circle Bridge installment

I moved around, to get a better look. An obstacle course like you wouldn’t believe, absolutely everything in Copenhagen is under construction and off limits building sites. By the Royal Library known as the Black Diamond, I got it.

The Circle Bridge installment  
So far, so good. The bridge is about 32 meters long and slides open, but is tall enough for smaller boats to pass under.

Circle Bridge

At this point it looks pretty cool and simple. The aspiration however, is artistic landmark, so the finished bridge will be topped with wires, resembling lit up Christmastrees. Not convinced about that part, but hey: it's not my dime, Nordea bank is picking up the tab on this one.

Shot this with my back turned to the Black Diamond. Looking up.

Black Diamond, Royal Library

I want to familiarize myself with this area, but it is so damn unwelcoming. Maybe the bridges will do the trick? Stay tuned for part two and the Circle Bridge test run, you know it's coming...


07 March 2015

Birds and bees

Update from Copenhagen, snapshot style. The New Nørreport Station is all done, but there is still clutter left that I would rather keep out of the frame, so the big post will follow later. Here's a night shot, with a cameo by the worlds coolest beehive.

Nørreport Station

Another addition to the New Nørreport Station: police standing guard with machine guns. What is really crazy, is how fast you get used to them.


Following the Copenhagen shooting, politicians whipped up a "terror package", that among other things skip all rights of privacy, allowing police to wiretap citizens without a warrant. We have past the point of "slippery slope".

Mother and child

What affects us the most is not the shooting itself, but the response. Every time something like this happens, they tighten the screw, and take just a little bit more of our privacy.

Today's version of Dannebrog

A hack on a vintage street sign, reminding drivers to watch out for the kids. Like a really cool version of our flag Dannebrog.

And lastly a messy seagull, scattering garbage by high-end food establishment Torvehallerne. The not-so-farmers-market, where they chopped down all the big trees. Nope, still haven't forgiven them for that. F*ckers!

Seagull dive

Dumpster diving. Pick and scatter, eat and repeat. Leave the mess. Ha. In five minutes this bird had crapped up the entire sidewalk, taking small breaks on people's cars.

Reflected seagull

Fascinating creatures, seagulls. And helpful too, I mean: who is the real pig here? People who throw away delicious food, or the bird who makes sure it doesn't go to waste?

Dinner is served

Bon appetit, my friend.