30 April 2015

Dear April, I am sorry

I can’t bring myself to leave April as the month with only one post. That is just too sad. Although I don’t really mind the gentrification issue taking the headline. If only I could do more, than just describe it. My next post was all set up to be about ideas for Copenhagen, but then came Paris. Five full glorious days in one of my favorite cities.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to not noticing all these things: infrastructure, bike parking, garbage solutions, urban planning, tree care... exhausting! At least noticing street art is a party, not a job. It's time to dance:

It's time to dance

Art Grove.


Yummy confetti sprinkle detail.


This wall is an ever-changing medley.

Je suis Charlie

Traces of Charlie everywhere. So touching. Je suis Charlie.

Street art

The Pakistani art Porsche

The Pakistani art Porsche. Completely covered in Pakistani folk art, a gallery on wheels. Whoa.

Sometimes people are the art. It always feels like stealing, when I take pictures of people in the street. Temptation:


Merci Monsieur. 

And the layers, the random yum.


Classic Paris.

Roof forest

A roof forest. Oh.


A tree that finds a way, through it all. My hero. Sometimes I wonder, how it took me so long to realise just how much I love trees. How happy they make me. This is true for everyone, I think: Everyone loves trees, but not everyone are aware yet. Knowing it makes it so much better.

Heavenly dogs

Trees and dogs. My idea of heaven.

And for dessert one of my favorite moments. I can't really explain why, but this just made me so happy. Pure gold.

Mosaique street repair

Maybe because someone fixed a problem in a beautiful way.

Pink mosaique



  1. Flotte billeder! Elsker især det med manden.

    1. Årh, tak! For mig vipper den mellem manden og hundene.

  2. NHcyclerMay 06, 2015

    I also love that "Merci Monsieur" photo!

    1. It was a good moment. So happy that I had my camera out. : )


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