17 June 2015

Save the trees!

Friday I was alerted to notes stuck to the six big trees on Nørrebros Runddel, right next to Jagtvej 69, stating they were all about to be felled. Reason given: insufficient planting holes and old pruning damages. And while they are remaking the new Nørrebrogade, they would replace all the trees with young ones, in a few days. Architects and project planners like nothing better than starting fresh, and working from a clean slate.

Endangered Copenhagen tree

From my experience, they will say anything to justify felling. They will lie and call them sick or a danger to people. Blindly trusting this reason was not an option. With the support of the citizens in our tree group Red Byens Træer, we managed to raise a storm, and the mayor of trees reached out to let us know that he would look into it. What a cool move.

Doomed tree

The trees are being felled.

Træerne skal fældes

Favorite graffiti beast, looking horrified by the prospect of losing his leafy friends.

Five banners and two sleepless nights later, our mayor returned with the good news/bad news: We managed to save three magnificent old trees. One other was a so-called risk tree, the two others heading in that direction. I only aged with about ten years.

(Reads: Three endangered trees saved at the last moment) 


But it was totally worth it!

It was a good thing that it was cleared up so fast because the race is on to save another fourteen big, healthy Nørrebro trees that were also lied sick, in order to force a plan through. Just started my first petition today, to see if the citizens have a say in what happens to their own neighborhood. Fingers crossed. Look at these beautiful trees that my city wants to cut down.

Guldbergsgade endangered trees


When they come for your nature, you wake up and defend it. These trees clean the air, and absorb some of the particles from traffic that would otherwise go to our lungs, and stay there. And, we know that once nature is taken from the urban space, it is never returned. Another reason why we should not accept street trees being replaced in nearby parks. Oh, I could go on, haha. Here is a rare patch of un-fancified Copenhagen.

Right around the corner from this, is one of the most incredible murals I have ever laid eyes on. We had a handful of murals made by street art masters from all around the world, just last week. Coming soon on a blog near you.


  1. Hej Sandra,

    How can they risk taking those trees with that big alligator guarding them?!

    1. For a moment there, I thought you meant me. Hahaha.

  2. Fantastic that they saved the three trees. I absolutely hate the Danes urge to chop and molest trees in horrible ways. Of course trees get sick and old too and can be a risk eventually but only then should they be chopped down and then replaced with new ones.

    1. Danes are self destructive that way. Maybe we have been too removed from nature, and no longer understand how we rely on it. Even in the city. Reports now coming in, that the remaining three trees on Runddelen are healthy and not a risk to anyone. This is crazy. Someone in the city hates trees, I suspect the problem is at one specific department, we are trying to clear it up.


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