01 July 2015

To Henry

So. Remember the big trees on Nørrebros Runddel that we managed to save a few weeks ago? The city is remaking the street, and planned to cut down all the old trees, and start over with a fancy new square. We managed to limit the damages, but still out of the six, three was deemed not salvageable, and it just didn’t sit right. I was happy about the three big trees, but at the same time it felt like a betrayal to the last two, only “on their way to becoming risk trees”. You don’t want to be ungrateful when they did spare three, but on the other hand you can’t let that feeling go...

One of the great things about the tree group, is that a lot of tree experts and biologists are following. Some of them inspected the trees, and didn’t agree with the city’s verdict, or reasons for felling. Our mayor of trees Morten Kabell is reading our posts too, and told us he would look into it one more time. A week later he returned with the good news: another two would be spared. Bringing the felling down to one. Imagine that? This mayor gives me such hope for the Copenhagen trees.

Now my gut is finally at ease. I knew that Runddelen was where Danish artist Henry Heerup grew up, so at least one of the trees would have had to be “his”. I looked into the age of the trees. They are from 1907. I looked into when Henry Heerup was born. 1907. Goosebumps! Everything somehow fell into place.

 I have a feeling that Henry would have approved.

If you are (or read) Danish and love trees, join us: 



  1. Nåååååååå <3

  2. AnonymousJuly 12, 2015

    Wonderful news! So glad you were able to save five of the trees.


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