28 November 2015

A shotgun wedding

At the moment Denmark is split in three: Team Yes, Team (hell) No, and the Undecided. Next week Danes decide if we should give up sovereignty and irreversibly hand over a large part of our justice system to the EU. 

Since 1992 Denmark have an opt-out in a few areas (justice, defence policy, home affairs and currency), but now Europol (the European Police) is pushing for us to go all in. At no small cost. Now, the politicians relish the idea of not having to ask the voters opinion, so most are pushing for the Yes: "Hand over the reins once and for all, and let us take care of things from here." Reassuring us that Denmark will still have “a seat at the table” (weighing in as a tiny nation, with insignificant powers).

The Yes-propaganda have consisted mainly of worst-case scenarios, so ridiculous that they instantly backfired. But the most influential part of the media have been shamelessly promoting the Yes-agenda, highlighting only how much safer we will all be.

Yes! / No!

Team Yes sees us as a member state in the European Union. Hanging on to the concept of a nation, is considered nostalgic. We should all prepare for the new world, as dictated by the European leaders, and not look back. They don't seem to get the reluctance to hand over all control. A small price to pay, they say, to have the Danish police be an integrated part of Europol. A small price? It doesn't get much higher than that.

As you can gather I am on Team (hell) No. The funny thing is, I love Europe and I feel as much like a European as a Dane. And, I am a big supporter of collaborating across borders. Surely that should be possible without handing over all control? Why the shotgun wedding? Do we really want to partner up with a system that won't let us make our own decisions? 

I believe in a Europe where we all bring a different flavor to the table, not a big, bland and uniform mass, ruled by a powerful few. Diversity should be celebrated, not ironed out. Collaboration? Absolutely. Shotgun weddings

 Hell no!

 Untainted recap of the upcoming vote in the EU Observer: 


  1. I look forward to hearing your dissection of the vote--yours is a welcome and necessary voice against all of the "buy this"/"this is trendy" blogs.

    1. That is good to hear, thank you. : )

      I fear the outcome of this vote. But such are the rules of living in a democracy...

  2. Congrats for your Nej!

    Best regards from Milan :)


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