31 December 2015

The year in pictures

I have been asking myself where the year went. What happened? The pictures bring it all back. What an utterly hellish year, this has been. Globally, locally and personally. No sugarcoating that one. It all ended with the death of the camera, perhaps to punish me for so infrequently pointing it at anything interesting.



Signed Redie.

Plywood decoration on one of the many constructions site fences in Copenhagen. Behind this wall a high rise in the making (Panum Institute), visible from nearly every angle of Copenhagen. This painting is breathing somehow, compared to the neutered versions found on the many metro construction sites, where artists go through a screening process and everything is neatly organized. And boring. Sorry, but it is.



Snow. At this rate, I am not sure we will see that again in Denmark. Reports of blooming cherry trees. In December?


Hold that car

In a picture, the struggle to stay afloat in a world that is crumbling around you. The horror of the attacks in Paris and Copenhagen taking its toll. 


Children's urban garden

From a school yard, just across the happy house. A bittersweet encounter. The human need for nature and watching things grow, is why children cut out soda bottles, strap them to a fence and plant a vertical garden with watercress.



For my own sanity, I need to get out of Copenhagen more. Current mood is that of one being swallowed by a whale (December speaking).

Come June things picked up. Five street artists were commissioned to work on a handful of Copenhagen murals, and my camera was zigzagging between endangered trees (that we miraculously managed to save, yay!) and mad talent firing at five huge walls simultaneously.

Local street art is dying, there is so few traces left now. One of the many sad effects of gentrification. The more reason to cherish the parking guard turned stone snake, on Vesterbro.

Head of the snake

Stone snake

Mad love for this creature. Next to it another breath of fresh air. 

Copenhagen graffiti

This one made it to my selection of street art pictures, in my first solo show. On exhibit in Edinburgh, Scotland City Link Festival, earlier this year. The one I forgot to tell you about. I may have to brush up on my horn tooting skills too.


July was the month where I decided to give the dating thing a shot again. Took this picture during it.

Slow down

Slow down.

Dating wasn't as bad as I remembered. It was worse.

Wild things

Wild things.

And what may be my favorite shooting moment of the year. Pregnant woman bringing home the crib.

Pregnant woman bringing home the crib

Poetry in motion.


Midnight in Paris

Seine spider in Paris, by night. 


Ivy heart

(Camera died)



A rare ungentrified patch of Copenhagen, Stengade on Nørrebro. As misunderstood by my replacement camera, but in a totally acceptable way.

Skinny moon under a rescued tree

When it all sucks, the trick is to find something you love and appreciate the crap out of it. Like a skinny moon under a rescued bunker tree.


Heart shaped tree!? <3

This one blew my mind: a heart shaped tree!? Oh.

That's it. Only hours left of this year, I beg of the next one to be gentle with me. With all of us.



  1. Wishing you all the very best for 2016 xox

    1. Thank you Celena, and the same for you. : )

  2. Hej, Sandra,

    Thanks for the beautiful, thought-provoking photos.

    I admit to sometimes needing reminders of the horrific events, even when they're less than a year old. But also remember that there are a million good things that happen every day, like the woman anticipating her next child, or the wonder of the school children seeing their seeds sprout in the miniature terrariums.

    And like Celena, I wish you the best for 2016!

    1. Yes you are right. It is important to focus on the good, or the ugly will take you in a downward spiral. I try to remind myself of that.

      At the moment I am just in survival mode, waiting for the dungeon to pass. Eventually daylight and happier times will return, and it will feel like a miracle. There will be dancing, haha.

      It is so cosy to know that you are still here, thank you for the proof of life. A happy new year to you too. : )

  3. Tak for året der gak i tekst og billeder.
    Rigtig godt nytår 2016 til dig :-)

    1. Hej Lone,

      Din kommentar gemte sig i spammappen, så du kom lidt sent på. Tak for fin nytårs hilsen og i lige måde. : )


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