18 April 2016

A magic moment

This is my street. I take this road almost every day, and usually my eyes wander to the big old trees on the Sølund grounds. I keep telling the big beech and the Ladytree, that they are home free. And to brace for major disturbance in a couple of years, when three blocks of buildings are to be demolished.

But today something else caught my eye. Down the street a crow was walking alongside an old woman with a walker, keeping her company.  

(Side note: Row of cars to the right, used to be a sidewalk. Parking trumps pedestrians. Ugh.)

Halfway down the street, the bird was signalling for a stop, by wandering a little ahead, and giving the stare. 

The old lady obeyed, and pulled out a bag of bird snack. 

Crows are so incredibly clever.

 After dining, the bird and the old lady exchanged looks, and it took off. 

I approached to ask what this was about? "Oh, I have two pairs of crows who follow me around," she said. "It is important to be in contact with animal life, even when we live in the city." 

What a magic moment.