28 May 2016

Investment and returns

Slowly things are returning. The beloved, welded and happy hand-holding street art chairs on the bridge, disappeared over winter. They were left there for a long time, but one day they were gone. And then, by some miracle, they returned. In a fresh lick of paint and with a slight alteration, but still the sweet, happy faces. Squealing-good!

Return of the happy street art chairs

Welcome back my sweet friends, you were missed!

Return of the happy street art chairs

This time they are signed, by Urbansteel_Cph.

Return of the happy street art chairs

And we have seen major development on the tree front. Relentless pressure from citizens and NGOs finally paid off: Copenhagen has adopted its first Tree Policy (as of May 2nd 2016). It is not a quick fix, the obstacles for the remaining street trees are still massive, but it is a big step in the right direction.

Summer under rescued bunker trees

When the heat sets in the best place to be in the city, is under a big tree. Remember how we saved these bunkers and trees, with all the blog noise? It was how it all began. Incredible how much has happened since then.

Another big event was the liberation of the Ladytree. The majestic ginkgo in my street, miraculously spared in the new construction plans on the grounds. It was so close to being completely swallowed by ivy that on the day they removed it, they all agreed that it would have died in less than two years. My sweet tree. Five men climbed six floors up, and meticulously removed the ivy. It took them a full day.

Liberation of the Ladytree

Liberation of the Ladytree


Before (same time last year):

The Ladytree before


Liberation of the Ladytree

And it is only just in spring mode. It is going to be interesting to see how it will act unrestrained.

Seriously, I can't think of anything more meaningful in the entire world, than to fight for and save trees. I could do without the constant worry, but it seems to be a package deal. Still trying to work that part out. 

And you know what else returned?



Ooooooh, I had no idea just how crippled I have been, until the flip-n-macro returned.

Let the fun commence.