19 June 2016

Slices of Copenhagen

Unexpected stop on the way home today: "make room for the turning ladies and gentlemen, please."

Escorted in style

Escorted in style.

Riding in style

Riding in style.

Turning in style

Turning in style.

It turns out, this is the annual stylish non-sweaty bike "race" Copenhagen Classico, involving beautiful outfits, a modest pace and breaks for coffee and champagne. I was in the wrong lane of this one today.. After the short break in traffic, the friendly guards parted with the words: "Thank you for your patience". 

No, thank you!


16 June 2016


Religion scares me. The never knowing when you break some invisible rule, and unleash unimaginable consequences. I just can’t deal with it. Fortunately, I live in a country where religion is not rubbed in your face, it is a private matter (as it should be), and you are not expected to live by the rules of others. That to me is freedom.

We don’t use our churches as we used to, so quite a few of them have been closed and sold off for other interesting purposes (this deserves a separate post). The remaining churches have to adjust and embrace the modern living. Gays are now able to be married in church (the priest do have the right to opt out, and step aside for a more understanding colleague), and churches are used for concerts and other community gathering events. 

My neighborhood has the best churches. Not good enough to pull me in, but they do come pretty close. By Brorson’s Church in Rantzausgade, I had to make a stop for this arrangement: Church benches cut out and mounted on the street fence.

Outdoor church benches

Outdoor church benches

An invitation to sit down and have a conversation with a stranger. As in that friend you still haven’t met.

Outdoor church benches

Church is trying to lure me in..

By Saint Stefans Church (Stefanskirken) on Nørrebrogade they recently had a banner advertising a Dylan sermon, to celebrate his birthday. On Constitution Day this was replaced by a reminder to love your voting rights.

Elsk din stemmeret / Love your voting rights

Reads: Love your voting rights. Stefanskirken is the rock star of Copenhagen churches.

And finally religion snug its way into my life, as a picture of mine is now the cover of a book, published in German, about... religion. Remember this shot? My first appearance on the Brooklyn Street Art blog, such a good day.

Coexist (my first book cover photo, yay!)

And now my first book cover photo.

As it happens I am all for coexisting. Let’s just all get along, shall we?

12 June 2016

Love is love

I have a lot to say, and I will say it more often in this space, I promise. But for now just this: homophobia is moronic!