21 October 2016


Usually, when I feverishly dismount my bike and let out a loud UNbelievable!, it is not a good thing. Today was a happy exception. There were indications that this would happen last month, when I noticed an addition to Queen Louises Bridge.

Do I need to bring you up to speed on our beloved bridge? It is the one connecting Nørrebro with the inner city, where people years ago began to hang out, to take in the sunset and the show. Where the city since wisely reclaimed the space hijacked by cars and returned it to pedestrians and cyclists, by widening the sidewalks and bike lanes, and adding more benches.

Classic bridge scene 
Note the suspended wires above.

Vintage postcard from Copenhagen, of the bridge in its former glory. The wide sidewalks are back, and the cars are now down to two lanes, which should really be the maximum in any city center.

Dr. Louises Bro / Queen Louises Bridge

The one thing that never worked on that bridge, were the suspended wires for the street lamps. For decades swans have crashed, trying to cross from one lake to the other. The city attempted to improve visibility with reflective discs, but even with that the swans were unable to reach the right altitude, with devastating results.

Over the years I have watched three swans crash, and it just rips your heart out. Swans only mate once, and they stick together: when one is hurt, the other will stand guard. A sight that will haunt you forever. I once asked the animal rescue team if they tried to fix them, but the stress of the treatment is too much for wild animals, so they are put down.

Queen Louises Bridge, waterside 
F*cking wires, winter edition.

Last month I noticed new grounded lamps were added to the bridge.

September 21st. Dared we hope?

I located the ones responsible and asked what this was about? "You must be referring to our swan safety measures?" Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Oh. We are back in the dungeon, today was dark, gray and rainy and I was not expecting much from it as I turned the corner to cross the bridge. But then... THE WIRES WERE GONE! 

Swan safe bridge

The city did something right, and it made me feel like blogging again. UNbelievable.