11 March 2017

Wising up

When we talked about this back in 2012, I failed to see the point of feminism. I simply didn’t grasp the urgency at the time, thinking “surely gender equality goes without saying?”. I was wrong (it happens).

Because of the many voices speaking up about it, I am now beginning to recognize how ingrained sexism and inequality is in our society. It is everywhere from the daily dose of sexist and patronizing media, to our current government run almost entirely by men. It is unhealthy, and we are all obligated to question status quo and demand change. Women, men, children and even Nile Gods must pitch in.

Young boys and grown men can be feminists too.

Oh, I missed the Nile action!

And blogging.


  1. I am in the same boat as you: Sometimes, I take gender equality for granted and assume that this is a non issue in this day and age. I am also starting to see that my viewpoint is naive... unfortunately.

    Good to see you xox

    1. Ah, it is good to be blogging again, I miss it. Will try to post more often (climbs back up on that horse).

      So nice to know that you are still here. Hugs your way. : )

    2. I visit Copenhagen once or twice a year (I have family in your city) and I always think of your photos of this statue when I ride by on the bike.

      But I'm never there at the right time to see it decorated!

      And yes, it's good to see you!

    3. Oh, that is why you are so well informed on Copenhagen! : ) The Nile is not dressed up that many days of the year, I see how you would miss it. Usually around Christmas/Jul they are dressed up in small elf hats (nissehuer).

      I am glad that you too are still keeping an eye on the blog. :D


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